Timeline of HAPULICO & LITEC


What is Litec?

LITEC is brand name and also is the trademark of Hapulico Industry JSC. The name LITEC and logo Liteclogo Litec already registered at INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF VIETNAM since 2007.

Originally Litec® is the trademark of high engineering products for outdoor lighting luminaires produced by Lighting & Electric Joint Stock Company, it is an acronym of this company name. About later the Lighting & Electric Joint Stock Company renamed to Hapulico Industry JSC.

Nowadays, Litec® owned by Hapulico Industry JSC is one of Vietnam Top Trademark about Road lighting poles; Street LED luminaires; High Mast lighting poles; Hot-dip galvanized tapered steel poles...

What is Hapulico?

HAPULICO is an acronym from Hanoi Public Lighting Company. First mentioned since year 1991s, then be one of top trademark about outdoor lighting equipment in Vietnam markets, but since after 2010s it becoming as familiar name of an upmarket urban place in Hanoi City associated with other interesting services such as Hapulico Urban; Hapulico Cafe; Hapulico Swimming Pool; Hapulico Medicine Market...

A glance about HAPULICO and HAPULICO INDUSTRY JSC - Brand Litec®

Before year 1988s, the public lighting system of Hanoi City still was backward and mainly funded by the Soviet Union and other East European socialist countries and was maintaining & operating by one state company under administration of Hanoi Government called Hanoi Public Lighting Company.

After year 1988s, the Vietnam Economic step by step improving more well by the Open & Reform policy of Vietnam Government, so demand about road lighting equipment not only for Hanoi City but also for other City in Vietnam is also gradually increased. Especially, after no more aid from East European socialist countries, Hanoi City seriously short of outdoor lighting equipment for maintenance its public lighting system, and Hanoi Public Lighting Company by self proactively starting produced some simple components to replace. Also during this stage, beginning these is tendency add of English names for state companies and the word Hapulico was born.

But during this period, the reform policy for market economy of Vietnam Government still not completely opened, for invested new production, the state companies have to cross passed many barriers of complex rules. So although was state assigned to owned a land large to five hectares for warehouse at Thanh-Xuan district Hanoi City, but Hanoi Public Lighting Company still faced many difficult to expand production meanwhile the exterior lighting equipment demands tend rush increase is real. Until to 1996s, base on Vietnam Government policies about use internal resources for development, as an investor, the Hanoi Public Lighting Company cooperated with some private shareholders to founded the Lighting & Electric JSC (acronym name is LITEC) for invest expand productions.

LITEC rented some industry workshops of Hanoi Public Lighting Company and quickly invested high-tech machineries to producing many kind of engineering components for outdoor lighting fixtures and producing the hot-dip galvanized steel lighting poles to supply for HAPULICO. Since proactively to have had the stable quality supply from Litec® and established more some departments such as design consultant, installation and distribution channels... then HAPULICO quickly becomes strong brandy on the filed of outdoor lighting in Vietnam, not only supply the lighting equipment but also supply the package solutions.

Until years 2007s, after nearly 20 years of reform and opening up, Vietnam Economy has been achieving strongly, Hanoi City also becoming more crowded and Hanoi City Government requires all factory inside city soon moving out to have room for development. Then Hapulico Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company (Hapulico_Res JSC) founded by HAPULICO and LITEC and others shareholders to invest build new urban on the land of existing factory and achievement of years later is modern Hapulico Complex Buildings as today.

After years 2009s, Lighting & Electric Joint Stock Company renamed to Hapulico Industry JSC and invested a new factory has scale large more than five hectares in Hung Yen province then moved all from Hanoi City to the new factory. Beside, Hanoi Public Lighting Company after few times renamed, the end also retained only the state-owned core to continue responsible managing and operating the public lighting system of Hanoi City as original time, others remaining parts equitized into small companies as Hapulico North Lighting JSC ; Hapulico Southern Lighting JSC, Hapulico Construction JSC... and all also moved aways to other places.

So originally just an acronym of a company then be a familiar word. Nowadays even original Hanoi Public Lighting Company was completely divested all capital in Hapulico_RES JSC and not also anymore holden the right of control in Hapulico Industry JSC. But except lighting field, the word "Hapulico" becoming as familiar name of a place of Thanh Xuan district Hanoi City and familiar name associated with other services such as Hapulico Complex; Hapulico Medicine Market; Hapulico Center Building; Hapulico Swimming Pool; Hapulico Kindergarten... Although, todays most of the companies whose name has the word "Hapulico" are nearly completely independent in business and not controlled by one other firm but they still have very strong relationship between each others especially on lighting equipment business field in Vietnam markets.

Particularly about Litec®, since 2009 Hapulico Industry JSC just retains a department at 18th Floors of Center Building Hapulico Complex as representative office and moved all production lines to the new factory at HungYen province and invested more high-tech machineries, continue producing the lighting poles and lighting fixtures under trademark Litec® or Hapulico Industry to supply for domestic and oversea markets.

Photo of Litec factory at Hung Yen province VN
Photo of Litec factory at Hung Yen province VN
Photo of Litec factory at Hung Yen province VN
Photo of Litec factory at Hung Yen province VN
Photo of Litec factory at Hung Yen province VN

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